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We (see page footer) have been offering our commercial Flash guestbook for many years now and we always get these requests and dreamy wishes about a nice free Flash guestbook. We had offered the guestbooks found here for free, for a while, but due to the overwhelming effect on the server we have been forced to limit usage to a membership fee of €5 per month or €50 per year.

Guestbook Setup - Here is how it works

Joining this community is extremely simple. Here are the steps - in depth:

Guestbook Setup - Step 1 You register in which at the end of the process you will have chosen your payment arrangement (monthly or yearly) and paid through PayPal.
(click here to register)

Guestbook Setup - Step 2 You will then receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link inside that e-mail to get to..

Guestbook Setup - Step 3 Your Admin Panel. There you can select your guestbook's design, download the .SWF file and grab the embed code for your page.

Guestbook Setup - Step 4 Upload the guestbook file to your website, same as you upload any other file, and add the embed code you copied to the page where you want the guestbook to display.

Important!Make sure that the downloaded .SWF file and the page with the code are in the same directory, otherwise your guestbook won't work.
That's it!

Flash Guestbook Features

  • Works on any page, be it .html, .php, .asp, etc.
  • No database needed!
  • No ads!
  • Guestbook served from your domain (no sudden web address & style changes like with some hosted guestbook solutions)
  • Mood Smilies!
  • Sends notification when the guestbook is signed.
  • Customizable "Thank You" e-mail to the poster.
  • Guestbook entries are safely stored, so your guestbook should be of no interest to spammers.
  • A variety of designs to choose from.
  • Guestbook Design can be changed with a button click!
  • Easy deleting of unwanted entries through a web-based admin panel
  • Customizable time display.
  • IP banning, entries paging and much more!

  • Simply put, this is definitely not the only guest book out there, not even the only Flash guestbook, but.. it is certainly the prettiest and simplest of them all!

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